Telehandler Hire – Frequently Asked Questions

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What Can A Telehandler Be Used For - SERV Plant Hire

If you are considering hiring a telehandler from SERV Plant Hire but unsure of the particulars, our telehandler hire frequently asked questions will help. Some of the answers address general issues of performance and use, others deal with our specific hire terms and conditions. Regardless of category, all are intended to ensure your hire experience is profitable and fruitful for your business. Plant hire is an effective short-term solution to construction needs, removing the obligation to purchase expensive equipment with limited long-term application. Being sure you have the correct equipment and understand the costs and responsibilities of hiring only makes it more cost-effective.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How much does telehandler hire cost?

To many hire customers, this is the first and most important issue to address. The cost is mainly dependent on the size of telehandler being hired. As SERV only supply Manitou telehandlers due to their consistent high performance, there is no price disparity between varying brands in our fleet. Delivery and insurance will add to the total cost, but our hire costs are calculated to keep the overall price as low as possible despite this. The length of the contract will also affect the cost and it may be more prudent to hire by the week rather than just a few days.

2.      What model of telehandler will I need?

The job or range of jobs it will be used for will be the deciding factor in selecting the appropriate model. Assess the lifting height needed and weight of loads to be moved. Ground surface of the work area should be considered and whether the telehandler will be working indoors or outside. Working in confined spaces and indoors will be impossible for larger telehandlers, so a smaller model may be needed. If you are unsure, contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Our staff are familiar with all operational parameters of our telehandlers and can easily recommend the most appropriate equipment.

3.      Will I need insurance for the telehandler?

Until the point of delivery, any damage or loss in transit will be the responsibility of SERV Plant Hire. Provided this is reported to us within 3 days, we will endeavour to replace or repair any equipment at no cost to the customer. Once a telehandler has been delivered to the customer or collected from our business premises, risk passes to the customer. We then require the equipment to be insured at full cost with a reputable insurer with our interest noted on the policy. We also require any hire equipment to be stored safely and securely for the duration of the hire contract. As industry specialists, we can offer advice and recommendations on reputable insurers if the customer is unsure of their options.

4.      When will the telehandler be delivered?

Delivery can be organised to suit the customer’s preference within normal business hours, excluding bank or public holidays. This delivery date will be specified in our acknowledgement of order and excluding extraordinary circumstances will be honoured. If we can deliver the equipment ahead of this time we will make every effort to do so if the customer agrees. We cannot be held responsible for delays due to fire, flood, storm, strikes and industrial action or similar conditions beyond our control. However, by their very nature events of this kind are rare and unlikely to be a cause of delay.

5.      Do I need a licence to operate a telehandler?

If the telehandler is to be driven on public highways, the operator must possess a valid UK driving licence and insurance. For use in the workplace, an employer has a legal obligation to ensure operators are properly trained in the use of telehandlers. The NPORS and CPCS training schemes are the standard industry route for telehandler training. These incorporate both theoretical and practical elements for full understanding of strengths, limitations and safe use in the workplace. It is also important that the qualification attained covers the operator for the size and type of telehandler being used.

6.      Will I need to hire additional telehandler attachments?

Again, this depends on the range of jobs the telehandler will be employed for. For most basic lifting and carrying duties, the standard fork tines will suffice. These are designed for lifting and transporting palletised loads, concrete slabs, timber and piping and many other standard loads. In addition, many fuel bowsers, generators and storage containers are equipped with inbuilt fork channels to fit these. Crane jib attachments can be useful for particularly heavy loads, distributing their weight more evenly and buckets are useful for moving loose loads. We will be happy to offer advice on attachment hire where necessary.

7.      Will the telehandler be reliable?

Our warranties on any hire equipment guarantees that they will be free from defects in workmanship or materials. We regularly check all goods and equipment for reliability and service them whenever necessary to ensure optimum performance. In the highly unlikely event of any equipment being unfit for purpose, on return we will happily replace or repair the item in question or issue credit for future hire.

8.      Why should I hire a telehandler?

Why hire a telehandler rather than a traditional forklift or skid steer loader? Simply put, a telehandler can easily perform the roles of both machines and more. They can easily place and retrieve loads at heights greater than either. They are more manoeuvrable and can work on a multitude of surfaces and travel by road. Their three steering modes allow normal two-wheel drive, turning in tight circles and driving sideways into confined spaces. Combined with a wide variety of attachments, telehandlers are suited to more roles than almost any other piece of plant machinery.

SERV Plant Hire are plant and machinery specialists offering a huge variety of construction equipment and tools for hire to the North West of England. We offer a range of market leading Manitou telehandlers, from compact models ideal for urban and indoor work to our largest model with a lift of 18 metres. We can also supply a variety of attachments to fully exploit the versatility telehandlers offer. Whatever your needs, contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions and ensure you have the best equipment for the job in hand.

Telehandler Hire

We offer a wide range of Forklifts and Telescopic Telehandlers with lift heights ranging from 4 metres to 20 metres.