Surveying Tool Hire

Construction requires accuracy, precision and a knowledge of the nature of the site. Whether it’s the noise level, moisture level, or the distance from one point to another, our comprehensive surveying equipment allows you to assess your site and build or develop efficiently and accurately.

Our detection range ensures you can work safely with a reduced risk of upsetting existing utilities, setting your schedule back drastically.

For peace of mind, use SERV’s essential surveying equipment to eliminate guess work and get the job done faster. Our products are available either by collection from our depots or by delivery, straight to your site.


Surveying, Levels & Lasers

Automatic Optical Site Level - SERV Plant Hire

Automatic Optical Site Level

Automatic level for hire, suited to any construction, landscaping or engineering project.

Leica Digital Site Level - SERV Plant Hire

Leica Digital Site Level

Digital site level for hire ideal for almost all types of construction and engineering projects.

Leica Exterior Laser Level - SERV Plant Hire

Leica Exterior Laser Level

Laser level for hire which guarantees accuracy in any alignment or levelling tasks.

Manual Total Station - SERV Plant Hire

Manual Total Station

Combining the functions of theodolites and range meters into one comprehensive electronic device.

Robotic total station - SERV Plant Hire

Robotic Total Station

Utilising a tracking system to follow the operator as they move around site.

Range Meter - SERV Plant Hire

Range Meter

Range meter available to hire for rapid measurement of distances between two points, up to 200 meters.


GPS C.A.T. Cable Avoidance Tool - SERV Plant Hire

GPS C.A.T. Cable Avoidance Tool

Cable avoidance tool for hire to locate and identify underground cables and utilities.

C.A.T. Signal Generator - SERV Plant Hire

C.A.T. Signal Generator

Signal generator for hire with industry leading technology for use alongside the Cable Avoidance Tool.

Moisture Meter - SERV Plant Hire

Moisture Meter

Accurately distinguish between sub-surface and surface moisture.

Sound Level Meter - SERV Plant Hire

Sound Level Meter

Precise measurements including machine noise, air conditioning and combustion plants.

Vibration Monitor - SERV Plant Hire

Vibration Monitor

Utilising a probe to assess the level of vibration at unattended sites, such as demolition sites.

Digital Theodolite - SERV Plant Hire

Digital Theodolite

Including 90 degree angle beep, vertical angle unit and horizontal angle resolution.

Borescope - SERV Plant Hire


Borescope available to hire giving the operator accurate views of difficult-to-reach areas.

Thermal Imaging Camera - SERV Plant Hire

Thermal Imaging Camera

Identify warm and hot surfaces via a real-time visual representation on a sharp, full colour display.