Cutting, Sawing & Grinding Tool Hire

Any material that you encounter on site can be cut, sawn or ground thanks to our comprehensive selection of equipment. Whether you are cutting kerbs or sanding furniture, we can provide the tools you need.


Timber Cutting

WSC 85 9” Circular Saw - SERV Plant Hire

WSC 85 9” Circular Saw

Nine inch circular saw for hire providing heavy duty cutting.

10 Inch Mitre Saw - SERV Plant Hire

Sliding Mitre Saw

Highly powerful motor and up to 260 mm blades allow the saw to complete any on-site task.

Wood Saw Bench - SERV Plant Hire

Wood Saw Bench

Wood saw bench for hire, combining the functions of a table saw and a mitre saw into one versatile machine.

Jigsaw Tool - SERV Plant Hire


Jigsaw tool for cutting curved lines and other custom shapes in timber, plastic and sheet metal.

Router (Woodworking) - SERV Plant Hire


Use with a guide to create perfectly straight lines or go freehand to cut patterns and grooves.

Power Planer - SERV Plant Hire

Power Planer

The planer effortlessly reduces the thickness of timber sheets and lengths via a planing width of 82 mm.

Grinders & Metal Cutting

AG 125-13S 5” Angle Grinder - SERV Plant Hire

AG 125-13S 5” Angle Grinder

Five inch angle grinder for hire with multiple grinding and cutting applications.

AG 230-24D 9” Angle Grinder - SERV Plant Hire

AG 230-24D 9” Angle Grinder

Nine inch angle grinder for hire with Active Torque Control (ATC) to prevent user injury.

Metal Chop Saw - SERV Plant Hire

Metal Chop Saw

Able to cut a variety of forms and shapes, including pipes, conduits and small girders.

Reciprocating Saw - SERV Plant Hire

Reciprocating Saw

Cut straight edges or make curved cuts in pipes, sheets, bars and many other items.

Sheet Metal Nibbler - SERV Plant Hire

Sheet Metal Nibbler

Uses a unique punch-and-die cutting action to carry out a variety of sheet metal cutting tasks.

Masonry & Tile Cutting

TS410 Petrol Cut-off Saw - SERV Plant Hire

TS410 Petrol Cut-off Saw

Lightweight, compact and advanced petrol cut-off saw for hire.

Electric Diamond Cutter - SERV Plant Hire

Electric Diamond Cutter

Rugged saws for cutting concrete and masonry without the need for water cooling.

Masonry Saw Bench - SERV Plant Hire

Masonry Saw Bench

Allows accurate and continuous cutting of kerbs, slabs and other concrete and masonry.

14 Inch Bridge Saw - SERV Plant Hire

Bridge Saw

14 inch bridge saw for hire allows long cuts to be made in large tiles and other masonry items.

CS451 18 inch Floor Saw - SERV Plant Hire

CS451 18" Floor Saw

Floor saw for hire giving you the ultimate floor cutting experience.

Wall Chaser - SERV Plant Hire

Wall Chaser

Cuts slits into concrete, brick and other masonry for piping, cable or conduit installation,

Belle Electric Tile Cutter - SERV Plant Hire

Belle Electric Tile Cutter

Electric tile cutter for hire suitable for a variety of tiling jobs.

Block Splitter - SERV Plant Hire

Block Splitter

Serv Plant Hire offer a wide range of block splitters for hire for clean, quick cutting of block paving and slabs.

Masonry Surface Grinder - SERV Plant Hire

Masonry Surface Grinder

The masonry surface grinder is a faster grinding process than traditional angle grinders.


9404 100 mm Belt Sander - SERV Plant Hire

9404 100 mm Belt Sander

100 mm belt sander for hire featuring adjustable belt speed.

BO4900 Half Sheet Sander - SERV Plant Hire

BO4900 1/2 Sheet Sander

Half sheet sander for hire, ideal for a range of finishing applications.

Eccentric Orbital Power Sander - SERV Plant Hire

Eccentric Orbital Power Sander

Used with sanding disks of varying grits to sand timber, metal and other materials.

8 Inch Floor Sander - SERV Plant Hire

8" Floor Sander

Industrial grade floor sander available to hire, suited to preparing any type of wood floor.

7 Inch Edge Sander - SERV Plant Hire

7" Edge Sander

The HT7 edge sander is the professional’s choice for all sanding applications.