CYGNUS® 3 Hybrid Power System - SERV Plant Hire
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CYGNUS® 3 Hybrid Power System

The Cygnus® 3 is a compact yet impressively powerful hybrid generator for hire.

The Cygnus 3 is a flexible three-phase system designed for easy integration into power systems. This can be incorporated as part of a three/single phase sub-circuit, or as the sole power source for a whole worksite.

The Cygnus 3 is an industry proven, versatile power solution with a wealth of applications.

Model name – Cygnus® 3

Dimensions (W x D x H, mm) – 1,180 x 2,380 x 1,565

Unit weight (kg) – 2,750 (AGM) or 1,680 (LFP)

Power output (kVA) – 30

Battery capacity (kWh) – 50 (AGM) or 50/66 (LFP)

Robust & secure rental spec enclosure.

Up to 125A power capability.

Built in smart distribution, with 3 x 32A switchable outlets.

Integrated energy monitoring and control.

Maintenance inlet for seamless system care.

Industry proven pioneering battery system.

Industry proven power conversion system.

Enhanced pioneering control system.

Graphical user interface for ease of system setup & control.

Flexible remote system management portal.

Single point lifting mechanism.

Choose from 50-66kWh storage capacities, AGM & Lithium options.

Solar pack.

Lockable power connections.

Prime Rating @ 25°C (kVA)¹ – 45

AC Output Voltage – 50Hz, 400V L-L, 230V L-N, fully adjustable.

Output Connections – 6 x 32A single phase CEE Form smart distribution programmable outlets, RCBO protected. 1 x 125A three phase CEE Form outlet, variable RCD & MCB protected. Custom distribution options available upon request.

Input Connections – 1 x 125A three phase CEE Form inlet, MCB protected.

Maintenance charge input connection – 1 x 16A single phase CEE Form inlet, MCB protected.

Passthrough – 100A

ControlCentre –  7” touch screen IP65 display, providing a user-friendly GUI whilst delivering an enhanced management & control system.

Key features:

Generator control; load management, optimised quiet hours and scheduled runs.

Enhanced system management.

Ability for users to program custom logic sequences.

Enhanced battery string/cell level management.

System commissioning/decommissioning assistants.

Troubleshooting assistants & diagnostics.

User friendly graphical performance & event logs.

Enhanced environmental control.

Remote communication, monitoring & control.

Remote Generator Start – Binding Posts and Internal Busbar (Two Wire Signal)

Transfer Relay Time (ms) – < 20

Water/Ingress Protection Rating – IP44

Operating Temperature Range (°C) – -20 to +45