Hybrid Generator Hire

At SERV Plant Hire, we recognise that while diesel is a reliable source of power, sometimes it just won’t do on its own. That’s why we offer a range of hybrid generators for hire that can be paired with traditional models to offset some of their operational downsides. Outside of peak use, or when the hybrid is charging, the diesel generator will automatically shut down and leave the hybrid to silently power your project.

This silence is a particular advantage in residential areas or other areas with noise restrictions. During the night, critical equipment can be left running with a minimal impact on the local environment. A further advantage of this pairing is that by shutting down the diesel generator, you reduce your carbon footprint and particulate emissions and slash your fuel bills.

We can also supply data on just how much CO2 you save to publish in environmental impact reports, or just reinforce the sense of doing your bit for the health of the planet.

CYGNUS® 3 Hybrid Power System - SERV Plant Hire

CYGNUS® 3 Hybrid Power System

The Cygnus® 3 is a compact, powerful and flexible hybrid power system. This three phase battery system can be easily integrated into existing power systems.

CYGNUS® 4 Hybrid Power System - SERV Plant Hire

CYGNUS® 4 Hybrid Power System

The Cygnus® 4 users a powerful, yet flexible hybrid power system, complete with a comprehensive integrated distribution system.