Diesel Generator Hire

At SERV Plant Hire, we have some of the newest model diesel generators for hire, to give you the most efficient models possible. With power ratings up to 500 kVA, we can tailor our package to give you an effective and reliable power supply for the most demanding conditions.

Diesel is a proven energy source providing rugged and reliable power over extended periods of operation with minimal maintenance. With remote monitoring as standard for all our fleet, you need never worry about running out of fuel or power. Contact us today to see how we can help you power your site, event or other project.

QES 20 Mobile Generator - SERV Plant Hire

QES 20 Mobile Generator

Light and compact, the QES 20 is a cost-effective solution for light power requirements. The QES 20 is specifically developed for construction and general rental industries.

QES 60 Mobile Generator - SERV Plant Hire

QES 60 Mobile Generator

The QES 60 is a quiet, compact and light generator for slightly greater power requirements.

QES 105 Mobile Generator - SERV Plant Hire

QES 105 Mobile Generator

Less than 3 meters in length, the QES 105 is a compact and reliable power source. It is a practical power choice for the most demanding work sites.

QES 150 Generator - SERV Plant Hire

QES 150 Generator

Generating almost 220A, the QES 150 is capable of powering large amounts of equipment.

QES 200 Generator - SERV Plant Hire

QES 200 Generator

With the same external footprint as the QES 150, the QES 200 is just as compact with increased power output.

QES 250 Generator - SERV Plant Hire

QES 250 Generator

The first Volvo engineered model of the QES range, the QES 250 is efficient and reliable.