Generator Hire


At SERV Plant Hire, we understand that the safety and comfort of your workers is your main priority, along with completing all projects on time. That’s why we offer a range of the latest generators, distribution equipment, cables and much more to ensure you have the most reliable, fuel efficient power supply possible. This means that your welfare facilities, tools and machinery are always running in the most cost effective, reliable manner. We know that it’s crucial you get the right combination for your application, so our friendly team will happily work through the challenges you face and provide the optimum solution.

QES 20 Mobile Generator - SERV Plant Hire

Diesel Generators

At SERV Plant Hire, we offer a range of the newest model diesel generators to suit your every requirement.

CYGNUS® 3 Hybrid Power System - SERV Plant Hire

Hybrid Generators

We offer a range of hybrid generators that can be paired with traditional models to offset some of their operational downsides.

2.7 kVA Generator - SERV Plant Hire

Portable Generators & Power Accessories

Our range of portable generators are perfect for applications where quick transport is necessary.

A Great Company to Deal With

“A great company to deal with, seem a very progressive outfit – makes the job so much easier as they are keen to assist. Their claim to be ‘committed to customer comfort’ was a little puzzling but their willingness and the ‘freebies’ explained all that!”

Darren C

Great Machines

“Great machines, always newish, good quality models. pleasure to use”

Gaius R

SERV Delivered

“SERV delivered! enough said”

Ian T

Exceptional Service and Support

“Exceptional service and support, machines delivered on time and value for money”

Matthew B

A Great Company to Deal With

“We have always been impressed by the service provided, and your willingness to provide equipment even on the last minute. Thanks Serv Plant Hire, a great company to deal with!”

Bonnie H

I Would Rate SERV 10/10

“I would rate SERV 10/10 and would recommend them to every construction/civils/groundworks company throughout the UK.”

Sam H

Will Definitely Use Again

“It was really nice working with a company that seemed to care about my business. Everyone I dealt with at SERV was really professional and very helpful. So will definitely use again”

Paul V

Lovely Machines to Drive

“My boys say they are lovely machines to drive, responsive on the controls and smooth. A big thank you also to your office team who go above and beyond for me. Thank you see you next order”

Paul C