JCB HTD5 Dumpster - SERV Plant Hire
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JCB HTD5 Dumpster

The JCB HTD5 dumpster is a class-leading compact pedestrian dumper for hire. It is designed to facilitate the easy moving of soil, gravel, aggregate and any other on-site materials up to 500 kg in confined spaces. Powered by a 5.9hp diesel engine, the dumpster saves you effort and time on site.

The skip uses hydraulic power to effortlessly deposit its contents precisely where the operator desires, and with a unrivalled max tip height of 1450 mm, the HTD5 can reach almost everywhere you need it to.

With two speeds and rubber tracks, the dumpster can navigate most sites swiftly but precisely even when in the hands of a novice, making it an invaluable machine on any confined site.

Total operating weight – 975kg          

Overall width – 690 mm

Overall Length (Transport Position) – 1700 mm 

Overall Height (Transport Position) – 1100 mm     

Maximum Height – 2720 mm   

Travel speed – 4 kph (2.5 mph)

Engine power – 4.4 kW (5.9 hp)      

Payload – 500 kg