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Red diesel tax changes

The announcement of red diesel tax changes in the budget on March 11th, 2020 sent shockwaves through the construction industry. Red diesel is chemically no different to standard clear, or ‘white’ diesel, but is coloured, or marked, for identification.

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Winter construction site safety - SERV Plant Hire

Winter construction site safety

As an employer or tradesman, an awareness of winter construction site safety is vital to avoid accidents and lost work. Unlike many industries, construction does not stop due to bad weather, but its many inherent risks are further magnified.

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Essential Construction Hire Equipment for Winter - SERV Plant Hire

Essential Construction Hire Equipment for Winter

To avoid injuries to workers and the public what is the most essential construction hire equipment for winter? Short dark days mean poor lighting, cold conditions can negatively affect workers and rain, snow and ice increase the risks of slips and falls.

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What is the best drill for masonry - SERV Plant Hire

What is the best drill for masonry?

Before taking the plunge and hiring or buying, what is the best drill for masonry? By definition, masonry covers a wide variety of materials, whether brick, clay, stone, concrete or a combination of these.

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SERV Plant Hire - Fundamentals of Excavator Operation

Fundamentals of Excavator Operation

To ensure the safety of the operator and others and to protect the equipment itself, an awareness of the fundamentals of excavator operation is a must. Before even turning the key, the operator should be familiar with the controls and basic excavator techniques.

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TB2150R 15 Tonne Excavator - Reduced Tail Swing - SERV Plant Hire

What are the parts of an excavator?

We can all picture the shape of an excavator, but what are the parts of an excavator called and what functions do they perform? While excavator design continues to evolve and improve, the basic form has remained consistent for decades.

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SERV Plant Hire - Excavator Safety Checklist

Excavator Safety Checklist

Before using any kind of excavator all operators should understand the importance of a full excavator safety checklist. In common with all heavy plant equipment, excavators are powerful machines that can present a host of dangers if used incorrectly.

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SERV Plant Hire - History of the excavator

History of the excavator

Although they are seen as a relatively modern invention, the history of the excavator reaches back almost two hundred years. Each stage of their development has been driven by a boom in industry and construction requiring increasingly complex mechanised solutions.

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What can you do with an excavator?

What can you do with an excavator and how do different attachments broaden its range of roles? While excavators of any size are already versatile tools, there are a variety of attachments for hire that further improve on this.

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Excavator Attachment Hire - SERV Plant Hire

The benefits of hiring an excavator versus buying

The benefits of hiring an excavator versus buying are manifold, but not all are obvious. So, why rent equipment instead of buying outright? As large, complex pieces of equipment, excavators come with a significant price tag.

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How do I choose an excavator by job type & size?

With the large range of sizes, models and functions available, how do I choose an excavator? Since only small projects can be completed with hand tools and physical labour alone, this is a question most site managers will face eventually.

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