Manual Access Hire

Every site requires access solutions to ensure engineers and workers can reach where they need to be and operate safely and effectively.


Platforms, Towers & Staging

Access Towers - SERV Plant Hire

Access Towers

Our range of access towers for hire provide a robust, lightweight access solution for internal or external work.

Stairwell Access Tower - SERV Plant Hire

Stairwell Access Tower

Ensure operators and equipment up to 150 kg or 275 kg can work at height safely.

Bandstand Builders Trestles Sizes 1-3 - SERV Plant Hire

Bandstand Builders Trestles Sizes 1-3

Allowing platforms to be rapidly constructed for work at a variety of heights.

A Grade Scaffold Boards - SERV Plant Hire

8ft, 10ft & 13ft A Grade Scaffold Boards

We offer a variety of lengths of scaffold boards for hire, compatible with all scaffolding structures.

Lightweight Aluminium Staging - SERV Plant Hire

Lightweight Aluminium Staging

Lightweight aluminium staging for hire with varying lengths from 12 to 16 ft.

Peco Manual Lift - SERV Plant Hire

Peco Manual Lift

operated via a handle which is rotated to increase or decrease the height up to a maximum of 4.2 meters.

Steps & Ladders

10 Tread Fibreglass Steps - SERV Plant Hire

10 Tread Fibreglass Steps

10 step fibreglass swingback steps for hire provide a simple solution for medium height work.

Double Extension Aluminium Ladder - SERV Plant Hire

12 to 24 ft Double Extension Aluminium Ladder

Double extension ladder to hire allows access to work areas up to 24ft in height.

Triple Extension Aluminium Ladder - SERV Plant Hire

12 to 32 ft Triple Extension Aluminium Ladder

Triple extension aluminium ladders for hire offer increased extension for that extra reach.

13 to 25 ft Double-extension GRP Ladder - SERV Plant Hire

13 to 25 ft Double Extension GRP Ladder

Non-conductive up to 30,000 volts, making them ideal for use around electrical power installations.

3 Part Skymaster Ladder - SERV Plant Hire

3 Part Skymaster Ladder

Three part Skymaster ladder for hire, a six function combination ladder that combines versatility, height and stability.

Adjustable 21 ft Roof Ladder - SERV Plant Hire

Adjustable 21 ft Roof Ladder

Adjustable roof ladder for hire with a durable, integral roof hook.