Differences in performance between the TB230 and TB23R

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TB230 3 Tonne Excavator - SERV plant Hire
TB23R 3 Tonne Excavator - Reduced Tail Swing - SERV Plant Hire

Despite being similar models of mini excavator, there are several notable differences in performance between the TB230 and TB23R. Takeuchi mini excavators and midi excavators are respected throughout the construction industry, with a reputation for comfort, reliability and power. Both models occupy the higher weight range for mini excavators with similar operational strengths, however there are several notable differences. When considering mini excavator hire it is important to be sure the equipment is correct for the range of jobs in hand. With two models that appear so similar in size and operational parameters, this can be difficult, so we offer the following mini excavator comparison.

Engine and Power Output

  1. Engine –

    While both models share a similar three cylinder engine design with a 12 volt electrical system, the TB230 has a higher output. The 3TNV88F engine has a rated output of 18.2 Kilowatts and 2400 rpm compared to 14.4 Kilowatts and 2300 rpm of the 3TNV76 engine of the TB23R.

  2. Torque –

    The TB230 has a higher rate of torque, 93.4 newton metres (Nm), compared to 68.1 Nm for the TB23R. As a result, the TB230 can exert far more force through movement of the excavator itself. This makes it far more suitable for jobs such as moving soil or rubble by pushing with a blade. Similarly, for work involving dragging or pulling by movement of the excavator rather than the boom, the TB230 has the edge.

  3. Digging Force –

    The difference in engine power translates into differences in both bucket and arm digging force. The TB230 has a maximum bucket and arm digging force of 20.9 kN and 12.9 kN respectively, against 19kN and 11.9 kN for the TB23R. This represents a 10% and 8.4% increase for each. As 1 kN translates to 100 Kg of load moved, this can seem a negligible difference. If digging or breaking solid, dense materials it can make a great difference.

  4. Travel Speed –

    The TB230 has a maximum speed of 5.2 Kmh compared to 4.2 Kmh for the TB23R. As mini excavators are largely used for static work or movement over small distances, this can appear unimportant. However for work over large open areas this can speed up work considerably. The TB230 also holds 16 litres more fuel, allowing longer periods of work between refuelling.

Physical Dimensions

  1. Size –

    The TB23R is a lighter, more compact mini excavator than the TB230. As the smaller of the two, it is better suited to work in very restricted work spaces. The narrower chassis and tracks allow easier access into small spaces or through narrow doorways and entrances. Its smaller height is also useful for interior work where low ceilings could be an issue. The shorter length makes transport easier and again allows access into smaller areas.

  2. Weight –

    Although the TB23R is lighter at 2640 Kg compared to 2885 Kg for the TB230, this is a minor advantage. Greater weight would only be an issue for work on especially soft and easily damaged surfaces. The TB230 also has a number of design features to counter this (see below). Unless the excavator is being transported on a very lightweight, flimsy trailer, the extra weight should not be a cause for concern. In fact, increased weight and the additional power it brings is generally a desirable quality in excavators.

  3. Undercarriage –

    Although the shorter and narrower undercarriage of the TB20R allows greater access to small spaces, it can pose other problems. A smaller footprint provides less contact with the ground surface. Combined with a lower weight this provides less traction on loose or soft ground. If working on sloped  ground or in high winds, stability can be diminished and the risk of tipping increased. While the TB230 only has an extra 10cm of ground contact length, its greater weight and wider tracks counter this. It also has an integral counterweight around the base of the cab structure. This provides a lower centre of gravity, further enhancing balance and stability. A larger footprint also allows the greater weight to be evenly distributed over a larger area. This helps to avoid damage to less robust floor surfaces.

  4. Slew Radius –

    Although the TB230 has a relatively small slew radius of 1330mm, the TB23R excels here. With a slew radius of only 820mm, it can work close up to walls and other structures while turning.

Operational Parameters

  1. Maximum Digging Depth –

    Due to its larger size, the TB230 has a larger maximum digging depth than the TB23R. Although the vertical digging depths are similar, the TB230 provides an extra 750 mm of digging depth.

  2. Maximum Dump Height –

    Compared to the dump height of 2640mm of the TB23R, the TB230 can reach 3230mm in height. This is especially useful for loading large quantities of waste into large trucks for disposal. For demolition work, this gives greater reach for tearing down high walls and similar structures.

  3. Maximum Reach –

    While the TB23R only has a maximum reach at ground level of 4330mm, the TB230 increases this to 4710mm. For ground clearance and similar jobs, more debris can be removed at once, saving time and effort.

  4. Ground Clearance –

    The larger undercarriage of the TB230 gives a ground clearance of 305mm, compared to 265mm for the TB23R. This is particularly helpful if working in areas with lots of loose debris or for forestry work.

  5. Boom Swing Angle –

    To compensate for its greater slew angle, the TB230 has a large boom swing angle. The boom is able to swing 79 degrees to the right and 58 degrees to the left. This allows a greater range of motion in confined spaces, despite the size of the excavator. In comparison, the TB23R only has a boom swing angle of 65 degrees right and 50 degrees left.

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