Telehandler Safety Checklist - SERV Plant Hire

Telehandler Safety Checklist

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a telehandler safety checklist. As large pieces of plant machinery, telehandlers can be extremely dangerous in the hands of an unprepared operator.

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What Can A Telehandler Be Used For - SERV Plant Hire

What Can A Telehandler Be Used For?

What can a telehandler be used for and what distinguishes telehandlers from traditional forklifts? The name telehandler is a contraction of telescopic handler forklift and telehandlers were originally designed as forklifts with increased reach.

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Fuel bowser regulations - SERV Plant Hire

Fuel bowser regulations

Is your business following the updated fuel bowser regulations? Despite being enforced on May 9th, 2019, the new regulations were no surprise to the construction industry.

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Tips on scarifying a lawn - SERV Plant Hire

Tips on scarifying a lawn

Scarification can be a daunting process but following our tips on scarifying a lawn will guarantee a healthy and neat garden. Over time dead leaves from mowing can build up between grass, along with moss and weeds.

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Managing waterlogged sites in the winter - SERV Plant Hire

Managing waterlogged sites in the winter

Managing waterlogged sites in the winter is vital to avoid delays, minimise lost work hours and keep construction workers safe. British weather is notoriously unpredictable, with a high level of rainfall, especially during the winter months.

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What equipment do you need for landscaping - SERV Plant Hire

What equipment do you need for landscaping?

With spring approaching and landscaping jobs becoming more common, what equipment do you need for landscaping? Dead plants and winter debris need to be cleared, weather damage repaired, and outdoor areas rejuvenated ready for use in the longer, warmer days to come

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Construction site lighting requirements - SERV Plant Hire

Construction site lighting requirements

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, it is the legal responsibility of employers to ensure construction site lighting requirements are met. Construction sites can be dangerous work environments at the best of times and poor lighting only compounds this.

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Winter construction site safety - SERV Plant Hire

Winter construction site safety

As an employer or tradesman, an awareness of winter construction site safety is vital to avoid accidents and lost work. Unlike many industries, construction does not stop due to bad weather, but its many inherent risks are further magnified.

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